Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marking and why it is important?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a process in which we market your business, organization, or website on social media networks to gain attention and website traffic. Efforts are focused on creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. Building your own following and having your content shared from user-to-user is the same as using the word-of-mouth technique, however marketing inside of the social networks has a much faster and further reach than the traditional word-of-mouth method. Social networking websites allow individuals to interact with one another and build relationships.  When products or companies join these networks, people can interact with the product or company, providing a more personal interactaction.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement means that customers and stakeholders are participants rather than viewers. Social media in business allows anyone and everyone to express and share an opinion or an idea somewhere along the business's path to market. Each participating customer becomes part of the marketing department, as other customers read their comments or reviews. The engagment process is then fundamental to successful social media marketing.


Our Social Media Program

Our program consists of the following:

  • Setup on 5 of the major Social Websites (Google+,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Pinterest)
  • Customize and create branding for your profiles
  • Inter-Connect Social websites where possible
  • Integrate your website with your social websites for easy content sharing
  • Provide training on using social media effectively
  • Provide direction and assistance with content for social media

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